17/01/2021 APPA News: “Badboy Love Commеndation Award for Animals”

Badboy Love Commendation Award for Animals

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London, John Terr, NEWS.AP-PA.RU The award educates people about the interactions between humans and animals: if you let them into your life and let them teach you, you will feel better.

About the award

The BADBOY LOVE Commendation Award is an international award for animals from any country, established in 2019, to celebrate the unparalleled dedication and enrichment that animals bring into our lives.

Founder and owner of Jurita AGSA, artist from London, UK http://juritaart.com/jurita-agsa-biography

Award BADBOY LOVE for loyalty, courage and dedication to his mistress in the face of a dangerous disease. In order to enrich the life of its master, being a faithful and constant companion.

The award tells people about the interactions between humans and animals: if you let them into your life and let them teach you, you will feel better.

Recipients include pets of all shapes and sizes who have provided great help and companionship, made life better with their love and dedication, and supported their owners during difficult times. Also, if the animal saved lives or when its own life was in danger, it can qualify for the BADBOY LOVE Commendation Certificate.

Winners of the BADBOY LOVE award are selected through public voting via social media.

The winners of the award will be announced during the online prize giving ceremony in London.

Any dog ​​owner or witness wishing to nominate a dog can send a request directly to artist Jurita AGSA from the websites www.LadyJuGallery.co.uk or www.juritaart.com or by email: jukaconsulting@gmail.com

The story of the origin of the award is sad and romantic.

Bad boy Taylor (at home he was called “Masik”) was a tiny Yorkshire Terrier, 9 years old. On October 28, 2018, he went to Rainbow.

This smart puppy had a big brave heart. No one knew that the doctors had discovered a tumor in the dog’s brain, and in the body of the dog’s owner, Jurita AGSA, the disease had receded. The dog saved the owner ..

Blood poured into his eyes, the dog went blind, he was paralyzed, epilepsy, fell into a coma … Jurita AGSA carried him around London all night, trying to find a clinic and save the dog …

For several hours she tried to find a night animal hospital in the centre of London, wore it all night in her arms, begged, persuaded ..

Everyone refused … And only in one charity clinic he was taken to the operating table .. Either the doctor took pity on the dog, or the guard realized that Jurita AGSA just wouldn’t leave ..

The dog died on the 3rd day in the clinic, in her arms. The round-the-clock drip did not save the baby from hellish pain.

 Jurita AGSA was in the hospital in those last minutes with him, she held him in her arms, she tried to persuade him to live, she heard Bad Guy Tyler dying in her arms .. She could not save him .. She tried ..

Bad guy Tyler was only nine years old when its owner, artist Jurita AGSA, 50, contracted fibroma cancer.

Bad Boy Tyler and the artist already had a special relationship, but when the disease hit, Bad Boy Tyler turned out to be more than a loving companion – he became a protector, a dog that helped cure the disease. The effect Bad Boy Tyler has had is incredible. He really changed the artist’s life. The love he showed at that time was incredible.

Masik was considered a “healing dog” (petotherapy) – he was a great help and companion, supported people in difficult times, raised the alarm during difficult times, or simply made life better with his love and devotion. In this capacity, the dog worked for 9 years.

Bad boy Tyler was a ray of light in the artist’s life. But one day this faithful dog crossed the rainbow bridge.

Distraught with grief, Jurita AGSA took a brush and paints and plunged her pain into the canvas. The oil painting “Bad Boy Tyler” was born, bathed in tears by the artist in the making.
Such paintings are not for sale at the exhibition, this painting cannot be sold because friends cannot be sold.

This work of art was exhibited at the Jurita AGSA My Art Story exhibition in November 2019 at the London Art Gallery in Knightsbridge.

In May 2020, she was chosen as a gift to Queen Elizabeth II and exhibited at Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle. Jurita AGSA received a Letter of Appreciation from Her Majesty The Queen at Westminster Castle in June 2020.

But the story did not end there.

In October 2020, the PDSA Awards agreed on a PDSA (posthumous) award for artist Bad Boy Tyler’s little dog, in an effort to celebrate the unparalleled dedication and wealth that Bad Boy Tyler has brought into our lives.

 Jurita AGSA says: “I am the founder of The BAD BOY LOVE Commendation international award for animals.

An award from the largest charity in the world PDSA, to my dog ​​Bad Boy Tyler, means more to me than a trophy or an award. This PDSA Awards gives Bad Boy Tyler the opportunity to start a whole new life, away from our world, with the BADBOY LOVE Commendation on his behalf for other animals.

The oil painting “My Dog, Bad Boy Tyler” will hopefully become a symbol of the British loyalty to animals and attract even more fans. I wanted people to never forget British “loyalty” to animals.

Since 2020, the BAD BOY LOVE Commendation Animal Awards are starting to help me bring something good back to our community. ”


John Terr


16 January 2021 London