Jurita Kalite artist Visual Historian biography

Date of Birth: 04 December 1966
Nationality: British, born in Latvia

Jurita Kalite, Artist, Visual Historian, art collectors

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Website: www.JuritaArt.com
Facebook: Jurita.Art
Instagram: jurita_art
YouTube: @juritaart
LinkedIn: juritaart


Having a successful career in web design in London for quite a long time, I began to deal with the fine art of expressing my emotions and feelings.

Although having earned a Certificate in University of Tel Aviv, further I continue to learn about Fine Art and design in University of the Art London and on courses throughout London and Europe.

Img 1573 copy
UAL Level 3 in Art and Design in London. The Last Day of Pompeii in progress.

After collecting her degree in UAL Art and Design in London, Mrs Jurita Kalite continued to do artwork and to actually start her own Fashion Design. Mrs Jurita established JuritaArt® a British Casual clothing brand in the City of Westminster of London UK at 50 years old on 27 May 2023, founded on the principle that clothing should be designed to Look Stylish and Staying Comfortable.

In 2019 founded BadBoyLove Commendation international awards for animals, aims to celebrate the unparalleled devotion and enrichment that animals bring to our lives.

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Chagall who liked to walk along the promenade, ink & watercolor

2022 – 2024 – UAL Diploma in Art and Design, London UK.
2016 – current – Private lessons in painting, drawing, composition from Soviet/Estonian artist Sergey Minin.
2016 – Art class from British/France artists Carol Baker and Francine Baker.

It is important to have a way to express your feelings that are real and are taken from your own experience, from our life, beauty and nature. The purpose of my art and my philosophy is to capture something transient, through the history of art.

Nationally recognised for the quality of my work.
Have held solo exhibitions.
Have been awarded art prizes.
Have exhibited outside of my home country.
Appeared in national and specialist press.

Juritaartcom lastdayofpompeii 1
2023 – large 3D relief acrylic painting “The last day of Pompeii” exhibited in London Centre, UK


2024 – The National Gallery team helped me in 4D project and I have permission to Live draw Van Gogh’s famous ‘Sunflowers’ in The National Gallery London.

2023 – StarArt – exhibition in Saatchi Gallery, Chelsea London.

2023 – Westminster Adult Education Service, 219 Lisson Grove London NW8 8LW. Large 3D relief acrylic painting “The last day of Pompeii” exhibited (group exhibition).

2023 – Drawing Live, is an artist drawing on a stage for an audience. Role as court painter master Rembrantino in Performances at The Theatre Group “Goodge Street” London UK.

2022 – “Help to people”, art charity auction, London UK. My painting go a Lot: “Grevys zebra”, 2020 acrylic, newspaper, gilded 80x60cm. Start price: £50.00 GBP

2022 –“Chagall who liked to walk along the promenade”, ink and watercolor. Online collection Saatchi Art (group exhibition).

Sea wolf volodia captain acrylic by jurita art
Sea Wolf , acrylic

2022 – Royal Society of Portrait Painters Annual Exhibition, participate with a portrait of the Sea Wolf Captain (nominated, group exhibitions, rejected)

2021 – Diplomatic services in Kensington London UK. Art 3D relief Series “Horoscope” exhibited (group exhibition).

2020 – “Scorpio”, 3D relief acrylic painting. Displayed in permanent online collection to SingulArt Gallery in France, confirmation email: “Congratulations! Your work has been chosen to feature in our collection: Scorpio Season. It means that our curators have found your work impressive. Véra Kempf, Co-founder – Curatorial Manager SingulArt”.

Scorpio seria horoscope jurta 2019 3d relief acrilyc 40x50cm
“Scorpio”, 3D relief acrylic

2020 – “BEST LIFE XXI”, art charity auction in London. My artworks go a Lots: Horoscop Art Series, total 12 original 3D relief paintings, 2020 mix-media, acrylic, clay, gilded 40x50cm. Start price (each): £100.00 GBP (auction cancelled pandemic reason).

2020 – “Was it in a Garden, Was it in an Orchard”, private Arts Club in Hammersmith London (group exhibitions)

2020 – “stayARThome”, High Street Kensington Gallery, London (group exhibitions)

2019 – “Jurita-My Art Story”, High Street Kensington Gallery, London (solo exhibitions)

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2023 – Ms Jurita Art awarded of a “Highly Commended” certificate in City Hall of City of Westminster London, UK.

2018 – Royal Society of British Artists Annual Exhibition, Mall Gallery, London UK (nominated, group exhibitions, rejected)

2017 – Saatchi Screen Annual Exhibition (group exhibitions)

2017 – Clauzel-B Art School, Lady Ju Gallery London UK (group exhibitions)


2024 – Nomination for the Festival of Learning Award  UK.

2023 – “Highly Commended” certificate, City Hall of City of Westminster London, UK.

2023 – Special Diploma for professionalism, dedication & invaluable input into the international festival movement from The Stars of the Albion competition, London UK.

2019 – Awards “Star 2019” from The Rt Hon Stephen Timms MP in The Parliament of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

2021 – Special Diploma for personal merit and contribution to strengthening friendship between the peoples, Diplomats services, London UK.

2020 – “A Thank You” complimentary letter from Her Majesty The Queen Elizabeth II, Westminster Castle. “My dog Bad Boy Tyler” oil painting was chosen to show the Queen to Buckingham Palace.

2020 – “A Thank You for volunteering during the COVID-19 outbreak” letter, signed by Councillor Melvyn Caplan, Deputy Leader & Cabinet Member for Finance, Property and Regeneration, Lead Member for Westminster Connects, Ward Member for Little Venice.

With Natasha Hart MBE, NASSA Founder and Chief Executive, Member of the British Empire

2020 – “AGSA Qualification Certificate professional Level 2″, The Guild Society of Artists UK.

2019 – awarded with “Star 2019″ prize by The Rt Hon Stephen Timms MP, On the recommendation of Natasha Hart MBE, President of the Newham All Star Sports Academy (NASSA). I attended an Awards ceremony hosted in The Parliament of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.


  • Charles Stewart (Former Candidate for Councilor at Surrey Docks, United Kingdom.Vice President of Sochi International Film Festival & Awards SIFFA).
  • Natasha Hart MBE (NASSA Founder and Chief Executive, Member of the British Empire (MBE).
  • Luca Natali Stradivari (Composer, last descendant of his great ancestor Antonio Stradivari, violin maker).
  • Harshvardhan Rane (Indian film actor, Bollywood Star, known for his works in Telugu).
  • Warlok (Carlos Martinez, Rapper, singer-songwriter in the Hip-Hop, Miami USA).
  • Borshchevsky Michael (Founder Inter TV Ltd, UK).
13 07 2019 3
2018 – 2020 International pilot project “Art and Basketball”


Camilo Escobar, tutors UAL in Art and Design, WAES London <CEscobar@waes.ac.uk>

Natasha Hart,MBE. Chief Executive at Newham All Star Sports Academy (NASSA)



Feb 2024 – Press reviews about Jurita Art, “Parnas” 2023, 4th issue of the International Journal of Literature and Art.


– Evgeny SKOBLOV: JURITA ART, mass-media, published paper book.


– Jurita Art Interviews to American Mass Media 2022 (Part 1): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p0cOqY4h2I0

– Evgeny SKOBLOV “OUR WORLD IS FULL OF TALENTS: JURITA ART”, russian-speaking Amerika NY https://www.rusamny.com/2022/609/t07-609/

– Russia-Ukraine crisis February 2022 – Jurita’s Art art exhibition with a portrait of a Russian sailor is cancels by Mall Gallery team after start war. http://juritaart.com/news-press-about-an-artist-jurita-agsa-art/russia-ukraine-crisis-february-2022-juritas-art-art-exhibition-is-cancels

– PROZA.RU : Classic poetry by Evgeny Sokolov illustrated by “Nude Love” by Jurita’s painting (Nude love, Jurita, 2021, ink&watercolor 40x30cm) https://proza.ru/2021/08/15/1377

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Jurita AGSA Art and Charles Stewart, Vice President of SIFFA – portrait by 5 minutes sketch black ink+watercolor.


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