In Autumn season’s 2022 (date coming soon), a painting by Jurita’s artist as well-known animal advocate, will be sold at charity auction in London.

Grevys zebra jurita 2020 acrylic newspaper gilded collage on canvas 80 x 60 cm 4
Grevys zebra, Jurita 2020 acrylic newspaper gilded collage on canvas 80 x 60 cm

Grevy’s zebra, Jurita, 2020, acrylic and newspaper, Gilded, Collage on canvas, 80x60cm. Excellent state.

Original hand painted -collage on newspaper on canvas.

This Lot Included: Single-Piece Work (No Frame)

Minimum starting bid of £50 and a duration of event evening.

For details please contact : (info coming soon)

The provenance of works of fine art

The painting-collage “Grevy’s zebra” is included in the cycle of paintings “Animals in makeup”, created by Jurita in 2018-2020 in artist Art Studio in the City of Westminster in London.

The animal in the picture of the rarest breed is Grevy’s zebra. The canvas was painted in 2020, but animals are still an endangered species.

The series contains 10 images of the animals whose existence on the planet is under threat in several countries.

In addition to Grevy’s Zebra, or desert zebra (lat. Equus grevyi), Jurita portrayed a cat, dog, birds, etc. Grevy’s Zebra is the rarest species of zebra, lives in Ethiopia and Kenya, whose population is declining annually, and in some habitats it is completely exterminated . The species has not been seen in Somalia since 1973 and is therefore assumed to have disappeared from that country.

On the canvas, we see the large head of Grevy’s zebra, turned towards the viewer. The master’s technique remained unchanged, but the artist’s stylistic presentation underwent some innovations.

Images became black and white, contrasting color interspersed with thin, rather delicate lines from a British newspaper.

The presented work is very catchy and contrasting. The black and white head of the zebra is outlined in black lines, the stripes on the animal’s muzzle are duplicated with the same lines. The picture-collage turned out to be very dynamic and downright attractive, attracting the attention of the viewer.

As for technology, the author habitually uses his know-how, invented at the beginning of his career and inspired by experiments.

Definition for collage: Used to describe both the technique and the resulting work of art in which pieces of paper, color.

Jurita applied paints on newspapers, on glue, before that on a primed canvas. Finally painting was varnished. It turned out to be a film that could be used. In this way, almost all the collage works of the artist were created.
This is the only collage in the “Animals in makeup” series.

The collage was chosen for printing in the book as an illustration. Due to the 2020-2021 pandemic, the project had to be closed.